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Terms of Service

This Terms of Service was created Jan 14, 2023, it will not be modified other than the addition of an expiry date. This Terms of Service will apply to all services provided by Howie’s Bookkeeping after Jan 14, 2023, inclusive and will be included in all forms. If a new Terms of Services is created, an expiry date will be added to this one and these terms of service will no longer apply to services after the expiry date but will still apply to all services provided between the creation date and the expiry date.

From here on in, the customer shall be referred to as “The Client” and the business shall be referred to as “Howie’s Bookkeeping”.

  1. By doing business with Howie’s Bookkeeping, The Client agrees to be bound by the following terms of service.
  2. The Client authorizes Howie’s Bookkeeping to act as their authorized representative with Revenue Canada.
  3. This is required for us to receive documents on your behalf and submit your tax return.
  4. The Client agrees that all information provided to Howie’s Bookkeeping is accurate and truthful to the best of their knowledge.
  5. The Client authorizes Howie’s Bookkeeping to transfer credits, deductions or income between partners and dependents if it is permitted and beneficial to do so.
  6. The Client agrees that all sources of income have been provided to Howie’s Bookkeeping.
  7. The Client understands that knowingly providing false information to Howie’s Bookkeeping may result in Howie’s Bookkeeping refusing any future services with The Client.
  8. The Client agrees to contact Howie’s Bookkeeping as soon as possible after identifying any mistakes so they may be corrected.
  9. The Client agrees to pay all fees to Howie’s Bookkeeping for any services rendered within 30 days of the invoice.
  10. If The Client fails to pay all fees within 30 days, Howie’s Bookkeeping reserves the right to cease doing business with The Client and/or demand payment in advance of any services rendered.
  11. The Client agrees to receive periodic emails from Howie’s Bookkeeping directly, or any third party acting on behalf of Howie’s Bookkeeping.

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