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Howie’s Bookkeeping

Harold Indoe, owner, and founder of Howie's Bookkeeping.

Howie’s Bookkeeping is in Guelph ON, we service most of Canada (excluding Quebec). I am currently upgrading my skills by taking Bookkeeping via Conestoga College, to date, my highest mark is in Personal Tax Returns at 97%.

Why Howie’s Bookkeeping?

  • I am registered with Revenue Canada.
  • No need to provide your tax documents, I can import them directly from the Canada Revenue Agency.
  • I can adjust previous tax returns which are missing tax credits which in some cases amount to thousands of dollars.
  • I am experienced in dealing with the Disability Tax Credit, a credit which can save you thousands of dollars in taxes annually.
  • I guarantee an accurate return with maximum refund.
  • All information is collected and stored via secure encryption methods.

Taxes Made Simple

  • Whether you are filing the most current tax year or several tax years, contact us, we can help.
  • Have you lost your tax receipts, no problem, as a registered eFiler with Revenue Canada, we can import your tax receipts for the past 10 years.

Start the process today, answer a few questions, and we’ll take it from there.

If you live in or near Guelph and would prefer an in-person appointment, please call us at 226-343-0548.

Please visit our Credits and Deductions Page to ensure you are minimizing your taxes owing while maximizing your refund.